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Working for an adult shop

By Claudia Cunningham

Chris is the owner and operator of the Australian adult shop SexToys247.net.au – they sell all manner of sex toys, vibrators, dildos, dongs, anal toys, toys for men, toys for women, fetish toys, lingerie, and all of the essentials like, lubricants and condoms. If it’s sold in the adult industry then there is a good chance that they’ve sold one or many of them.

Since opening their online website in 2009 they’ve had over 5 million visitors to their website, and over 150,000 orders – they are considered one of the biggest adult stores in Australia. So, if you’ve bought a sex toy in Australia in the last 7 years then there is a good chance you have visited their website, and at least perused their range.

This expose article is about interviewing a worker from an adult shop and finding out what it’s like to work there – is it really kinky? “No, says Chris. Basically once you get over the initial giggle factor, then it’s all just products and there is nothing sexual or kinky about it. We sell products, and while those products are designed to deliver orgasms to our customers, they don’t in any way shape or form excite us when we’re working on packing or dispatching them. Upshot is that it’s very professional – maybe the best way to to explain it is that you wouldn’t expect your doctor to giggle when explaining something sexual to them!”.

SexToys247.net.au stock a vast, and I mean VAST range of toys – I’ve seen their warehouse and literally there are thousands of racks of products. They use a custom inventory management system to organise their stock, and process orders fast and without error. A complex order and prodyct barcode system match items to orders, to ensure correct delivery on orders. Their system also seamlessly integrates with their website, and also with Australia Post and TOLL Australia. Chris says, “All of this might seem like over kill for a few orders, but we’re not talking small scale, we’re making sure customers get the right products in their orders, and get them fast.” – all SexToys247 orders are sent Express Post around Australia.

If you work as a postie for Australia Post you’ve probably seen one of their parcels, but simply wouldn’t know it as Sex Toys 247 pack them in plain satchels, with no labelling, to ensure complete privacy.

Q: So what’s it like working for an adult store? – “It’s fun!”, says Chris. “We have a good time chatting and discussing and given we work in a very sexually liberated industry, no topics are taboo. You should hear some of the honest conversations our pickers and packers have! I love that they feel so comfortable at work, enough to talk about their own sex lives without fear of being judged. Our work place is 50/50 men and women, and as I said, professional but fun. We don’t stand for intolerance or joking at the expense of other people.”

Q: What are some of the best toys for men? – “Well, that’s a tricky one. We always recommend good quality silicone masturbators and cock rings, and preferably ones with a vibrating component to them. Vibrators just help make orgasms better, longer, stronger and to be honest, way more intense. Buy a vibrating masturbator or cock ring. If you’re into trying out prostate massage then LELO have released some new toys which are exceptional in quality. Also, Tenga are great.” Checkout their masturbators here, and their cock rings range.

Q: What are some of the best toys for women? – “This is tricky – women have a lot more dials and buttons to push to reach orgasm, far more than men. I tend to look at it in terms of the type of pleasure you like – self reflect on if you like g-spot stimulation, clitoral or both. For g-spot stimulation choose an internal vibrator, classic styling, with a slight curve. If you like clitoral stimulation, then choose a clitoral vibrator, and if you think you like a bit of both, then rabbit vibrators are the go, as they give a bit of everything!” Checkout their rabbit vibrators here, and clitoral vibrators here. “Of course, brand wise, we’re all recommending LELO, Svakom and Fun Factory – All good European brands, with a proven history of making top quality toys to the highest of standards. Choose from those brands and you can’t go wrong.”, says Chris.

Best toys for couples? – “We-Vibe and LELO – there aren’t many choices, but the ones there are, are excellent.”.

Q: Any thoughts on what someone would do to join the adult toy industry? – “That’s a good questions, I’d recommend contacting the suppliers, and manufacturers of the bigger brands, and see if they have opening and positions available. Shops and stores are also a good places to work, and gain a ton of product knowledge – a must in this industry. You have to know your products, and brands to get far!”

Well, there you have it .. doesn’t sound so kinky after all. It’s just another product based industry!

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