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Cuckold me

Dear Sasha, I have a problem with my boyfriend’s fantasy. I don’t know if I’m the one freaking out, but he has a thing about me having sex with another guy or even telling him when I find a man hot. In my view, this is just wrong. I wouldn’t want him to do that, but at the same time I feel selfish because I can’t fully satisfy his needs. We tried to watch porn while having sex and what turns him on is when I stare at the screen and imagine that I’m having sex with the guy from the video. It’s been a while since we’ve done anything like this and he hasn’t told me anything about doing those kinds of things. We had a couple of fights regarding this and I feel bad afterwards because I want to meet his sexual needs. I don’t know how to balance this issue. Please help me.

—Desperate Puppy

Dear Desperate, What we’ve got on our hands here is a classic cuckold fantasy. Of course there’s a jillion theories about how this one got started but let me explain what I know about it in the elegant and methodical terms, that you’ve all come to expect from this forum.

The term cuckold comes from the cuckoo bird. The female of this species has been known to lay her eggs in other cuckoos’ nests so that she can go party while someone else sees to her brood. In human terms what this boils down to is if a woman flew the coop and went out to party without protection or discretion, her husband would be known as a cuckold because he could never be certain if the kids he was raising were his own. The origins of the term are derogatory; the implication is that the man is a fool that everyone knows is a fool.

How this becomes a fetish is as easy to explain as any other weird ass thing people like to do. We do what excites us and what excites us is often something that takes us careening into a part of our brain that we don’t get to spend a lot of time in because it’s ancient and defies language and is hard to get to under mundane circumstances.

The survival of any species depends on strength and getting in there and getting the job done. I bet your boyfriend likes the idea of you fucking other guys because, in that part of his brain where he’s a great horned buck teetering on the verge of extinction, he needs to get in there after that other guy and make you his. He’s gotta fuck that guy’s semen out of the way so that his can win. He’s the man! Yee haw! (Picture him posing majestically on a cliff after he’s just flouted death one more time).

You want to satisfy your boyfriend? Tell him about all the people you fucked on the way to work—in bathrooms, back alleys and pool halls. Tell him you were positively glistening with semen and that you could barely get it all off before you got to the office. Let him know that you know what the deal is and that part of that deal is his rewarding you equally for your under­standing and generosity.

Dear Sasha i was just wondering if you think it’s weird that i’m very attracted to girls with really hairy cunts it really turns me on i’ve seen it in porn movies and with usually asian women when i see a clean shaved women it dosen’t turn me on as much but i love seeing pussy bushy or not.I love to see brunnettes mostly dark haired women whith a hairy one  i know women shave for hygenic reasons which is great but i would love to see a girl whith a full bush.Another thing is thongs the girl could be unattractive but if shes rocking a thong I get a nice feeling in my dick just wanted your opinion thanks.


Actually Andrew what I find weird is that you use no punctuation or caps that drives me fucking insane and it’s sure to drive any girl you’re trying to date hairy cunt thong or not insane as well when I’m looking online for dates and someone gets in touch with me who does this I delete their profile immediately and secretly want to kick them in the nuts for 10 minutes straight I hope that’s something you like too