Two eggs, overly easy

Where the breakfast is topless and coffee is bottomless


To step through the door of a serveuses sexy joint is to enter a strange limbo land that hovers permanently between the night before and the morning after. From the outside, the windows are dark and impenetrable. Inside, these shadowy scoff-and-skin establishments bustle all day long with motomullets and blue-collar crews taking full advantage of slapdown food, sitdown porn and lowdown prices. There’s something distinctly Made in Quebec about the breast-fast experience, where the urge for flesh and the urge for food clash in front of topless waitresses …

Sprucing up the hot dog

Paul Patates serves dogs with a snap, tons of fries and a spruce beer that pulls no punches

by A.J. Kinik

What happened to the famed Montreal hot dog? It’s not like there’s a shortage of hot dogs in Montreal or anything, but is the hot dog still as central here as it used to be? I mean, would anyone in their right mind still bring their Montreal-situated novel to a close in a hot dog stand/amusement centre modelled on the Montreal Pool Room the way Leonard Cohen did when he wrote Beautiful Losers? Forty years ago, somehow that made …