Sprucing up the hot dog

Paul Patates serves dogs with a snap, tons of fries and a spruce beer that pulls no punches

by A.J. Kinik

What happened to the famed Montreal hot dog? It’s not like there’s a shortage of hot dogs in Montreal or anything, but is the hot dog still as central here as it used to be? I mean, would anyone in their right mind still bring their Montreal-situated novel to a close in a hot dog stand/amusement centre modelled on the Montreal Pool Room the way Leonard Cohen did when he wrote Beautiful Losers? Forty years ago, somehow that made …

Fast, cheap and under control

Zeke’s Gallery makes live albums to go


“I can’t stand Emerson Lake & Palmer,” announces Chris Hand, the hand that guides Zeke’s Gallery on St-Laurent. He’s certainly not alone in his sentiment, but he does recall ELP’s In Concert, their live album from Montreal’s Big O in ’77, with a note of melancholy. “In the back of my head, there had always been the realization that, by not being an ELP fan, I’d missed out on my one chance to be on a live album.”

Hounded by this inconsolable regret, Hand has doubled up the purpose of …

Shorting out

Eat My Shorts and its Twisted sister return to Just for Laughs

Fidgeters and channel surfers, rejoice! You too, attention-deficit types! Once again this year, Just for Laughs is rolling out the bite-sized entertainment of Eat My Shorts and Eat My Twisted Shorts. The sister programs are a jumble, nay, a hodge-podge of comedy shorts rarely breaking the five-minute mark (although several of the best pieces run close to 15). Beyond the time limitations and requisite laff factor, most anything goes here–mock docs, surreal digital animation, old-school cartoons, pop culture parodies, shaggy dog tales and what-all the …

Art ‘n’ roll

Gallery owner believes visual arts can be just as accessible as music


Name: Chris Hand

Age: 42.5

Occupation: Proprietor of Zeke’s Gallery

Bio: This feisty Plateau heartbreaker had been working in the always exciting and lucrative music biz before taking the plunge and opening Zeke’s Gallery on St-Laurent (www.zekesgallery.blogspot.com) seven years ago. A college dropout, Chris says, “I’ve always been in trouble. Throughout my life, any chance I’ve had to subvert authority, I’ve done it, and I still do.”

Something he would dearly like to achieve before leaving this spiritual plane: “Change the goddamned art …

Testicles: Strip and Rip

Strip and rip!

Having the hair removed from your balls with hot wax is an increasingly popular male fashion trend. But it’s not for the faint of heart…


“Shave and a haircut: two bits!” the barber used to say. But if the evidence from aesthetics circles is to be believed, male clients are now looking not only for the shave and the haircut, but also for a wax job for their two bits.

An increasingly popular fashion accessory for men is a meticulously waxed thatch – if enough remains to call it that – of hair …

The Front 2

CUP ON THE BRAIN: A dedicated and perhaps delusional Habs fan shows up at the Bell Centre prior to Monday’s Game 6 against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Canadiens won, forcing Game 7 in Pittsburgh on Wednesday evening, the result of which was unavailable at press time. Photo by WILL LEW
Quote of the week

“We spoke with the neighbouring businesses before moving in, and the city council. When we sent them letters, they didn’t respond…. [they] didn’t seem to have a problem with it.” —Gary Webber of Culture 4-20 Compassion Society, a medical marijuana dispensary which recently opened a second …

Heroin heroine

Catalina Sandino Moreno blows away drug-trafficking clichés in Maria Full of Grace


According to Hollywood, drug trafficking is sexy. The usual rock star portrayal of a smuggler invariably involves a take on that scene in Blow, when the tanned and beautiful Johnny Depp struts through airport security with suitcases full of Bolivian marching powder as “Black Betty” blasts in the background. Nothing against that film (or Ram Jam for that matter), it’s just refreshing to see a film depict the role of a mule for what it is: exploitative and dangerous grunt work. That’s what makes Maria …

Good times go bad


Anybody who has walked downtown on a weekend evening probably has a good idea that countless young American students regularly visit to sow their wild oats.

But a hushed-up scandal involving students from Blind Brook High School in posh Westchester County, New York, shows that such activities aren’t always meant to be on the travel itinerary. Thirty of 67 Blind Brook junior year students who spent the weekend of May 16 in Montreal have been put under on-campus lockdown. Their privileges have been revoked and they have been forced to attend counselling after visiting bars, going to …

Disc of the week

Board Up This House (Relapse/Koch)
With metal morphing and finding new directions at an incredibly rapid rate, Genghis Tron can definitely boast of being one of the genre’s most important new faces. Mixing their trademark electronic elements with bone-breaking ballast, the Tron are just devastating on this new one. The 11 songs here will shake you to the core and, like all great records, won’t guarantee satisfaction in a single sitting. Once this scorcher puts down roots, though, it makes its mark with teeth-grinding aggression never sacrificed for innovation’s sake. 9/10 (Johnson Cummins)

The B-52s
Funplex (Astralwerks/EMI)
A …

The Front

WRITE STUFF: Artist Derek Mehaffey gets happy selling his works at last Sunday’s Under Pressure block party. This marks the ninth year that Under Pressure has been showcasing the world of hip hop – complete with MCs, breakdancing, graffiti and more – at its usual location behind Foufounes. » Photo by Rachel Granofsky

Quote of the week:

“It’s the election that would give us the clear mandate.” – Former PQ leader Jacques Parizeau, opining that an electoral victory for his party should automatically mean sovereignty, in an essay in Monday’s La Presse. Current PQ leader Bernard Landry disagrees.

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