Working for an adult shop

By Claudia Cunningham

Chris is the owner and operator of the Australian adult shop – they sell all manner of sex toys, vibrators, dildos, dongs, anal toys, toys for men, toys for women, fetish toys, lingerie, and all of the essentials like, lubricants and condoms. If it’s sold in the adult industry then there is a good chance that they’ve sold one or many of them.

Since opening their online website in 2009 they’ve had over 5 million visitors to their website, and over 150,000 orders – they are considered one of the biggest adult stores in Australia. So, …

Compersion vs. cuckold

Dear Sasha, I was quite disconcerted with your reply to Desperate Puppy [“Cuckold Me,” Dec. 22], so much so that I feel compelled to respond. It was so very uncharacteristic of you, and not at all what I’ve “come to expect from this forum.” It makes me think that it might not have been you who wrote the reply. I believe it takes a great deal of courage and no less amount of trust to confide in your partner about your fantasies—because it can leave a person open to ridicule and seclusion. Maybe there’s more to her letter …

Cuckold me

Dear Sasha, I have a problem with my boyfriend’s fantasy. I don’t know if I’m the one freaking out, but he has a thing about me having sex with another guy or even telling him when I find a man hot. In my view, this is just wrong. I wouldn’t want him to do that, but at the same time I feel selfish because I can’t fully satisfy his needs. We tried to watch porn while having sex and what turns him on is when I stare at the screen and imagine that I’m having sex with the guy from …

Sex Education – By Adult Shops?!

Will Australia’s New Sex Education Curriculum Keep Kids Out of School?

As a new sex ed curriculum is being adapted and taught in Australian schools to some parent’s dismay, a spotlight is being shined on the somewhat contentious subject matter. With research showing that students are becoming sexually active earlier on and with low rates of reported condom usage as well as unwanted sex it’s important that these students receive the right information about human sexuality at the right time and via appropriate means. But keeping kids interests can be difficult especially when they are already bombarded by sexual images …

A modest but failed proposal

David Denby misses the target with his snippy attack on snark


Daniel Defoe is best known as the father of the modern novel. The son of a candlemaker, he worked hard to succeed in the literary world of 18th century London. But as an ambitious, prolific writer he had his enemies. One of them was the satirist Jonathan Swift. Though born into poverty in Dublin, Swift was related to landed gentry, and a rich uncle paid for his education at Trinity and Oxford. He was not a good student, but his talent was obvious, so he made …

Bombs and Bus Uncle

An international conference at McGill deals with, among other things, the fleeting nature of privacy in the digital age


When the RCMP arrested 17 young Muslims in Toronto over the weekend, they told the media that investigators had been monitoring the suspects’ online chat room conversations for some time. While the content of their discussions hasn’t been revealed, the fact that they were picked up fairly easily speaks volumes about the ubiquity of technology, and how closely its use can be monitored by authorities, for better or for worse.

An international conference hosted by McGill this weekend …

Furious at the incurious

Thought is hot, as far as TV on the Radio are concerned

MAKING WAVES: TV on the Radio

They have a strong link with the great body of American poetry, especially Beat poetry,” says David Bowie about Brooklyn’s TV on the Radio, a band who’ve seen a meteoric rise in attention since their second full album, Return to Cookie Mountain, was released last fall. Like Arcade Fire, whose tune “Wake Up” was once graced by the Thin White Duke live, TVOTR’s already propulsive popularity was cemented by Bowie’s vocal contribution to “Province.”

Yes, TVOTR’s lyrics do bear …

Two eggs, overly easy

Where the breakfast is topless and coffee is bottomless


To step through the door of a serveuses sexy joint is to enter a strange limbo land that hovers permanently between the night before and the morning after. From the outside, the windows are dark and impenetrable. Inside, these shadowy scoff-and-skin establishments bustle all day long with motomullets and blue-collar crews taking full advantage of slapdown food, sitdown porn and lowdown prices. There’s something distinctly Made in Quebec about the breast-fast experience, where the urge for flesh and the urge for food clash in front of topless waitresses …

Marginal characters

A guide to some of Canada’s lesser-known political parties

In 1993 the government of Kim Campbell, concerned about the rise of Reform and other grassroots movements, attempted to clamp down on the rise of new political parties­and to kill off some of the old ones. The result: a new Elections Act that requires candidates to pay a $1,000 deposit to run for office, and parties to run at least 50 candidates in order to be officially recognized–otherwise, donations cannot be deducted on tax returns.

As a result of these draconian measures, the Rhinoceros Party will be boycotting this election, robbing …

Living dread

The return of punky reggae queen Ari Up


“When you’re in a revolution and you set the pace, it’s very easy to lose the path,” she says. With a new solo album, an impending Slits reunion and a celebrated dancehall persona on the side, Ari Up is the mistress of her domain, but as a wounded veteran of England’s punk avant-garde, she knows the rise-and-fall routine well.

The daughter of a rich German publisher, Arianna Forster was raised in a bohemian household in London, where her mother Nora entertained guests such as Joe Strummer, who gave Arianna …